04 November 2007

I've actually installed MacTeX this time...

I've always wanted to learn TeX but I kind of suck at computers. I'm not letting this stop me so let's get going!

I somehow managed to struggle with actually downloading TeX for hours. If you know anything about computers, this probably seems impossible and maybe it is a little. Actually I'm so bad with computers that this blog probably happened by accident, but I digress.

Anyway, after a few trials in the last month or so, I decided to give this download another try. I followed the instructions on the TeX users group, much like I did the other times, but this time it worked. Hurrah!

I clicked on the download then worked on my essay while I waited. When it finished:

1)Click on this:
Picture 3

2)Now you'll see this open. Click on the only option:
Picture 2

Now a very autonomous and straightforward installer opens. Go through all the steps and look in your applications for the program.

I have no idea how I managed to screw this up before.


Amin said...

TeX, that's cool. Funny enough, I just remastered the use of LaTeX this week, I'm using it for my undergraduate thesis in math-bio. What do you use it for, math?

leigh-anne said...

At this point, I don't use it, I get confused by it (as you can tell from the post).

Eventually I'll probably use it for math though.

leigh-anne said...

Oh, hey, were you involved with Safewalk?

Amin said...

Yeah, it can be troublesome, but I'm getting better with it every day, as my latest version shows. There are so many FAQs and other online sources whenever I get stuck.

Yes, I've been involved in Safewalk for quite some time. Have you used the service before?

leigh-anne said...

Oh, okay. I'm a Safewalker and I saw that you started the Facebook group.

I've seen your posts in the UBC LJ community as well and just connected that you're the same person, haha.

Amin said...

Ah, nice deduction there... I was too busy to Safewalk this term, but I think I will return next term. Nothing like a job that pays you to exercise and interact with people, eh? I got a really good understanding of the campus as well.

I will check the group and add you, then, if you don't mind.