16 January 2008

small matrices and titles

Wow, it's been a while. I've decided that I'm going to try to LaTeX my homework assignments for practice. This one is from my Matrix Algebra course so having nice column vectors is kind of a necessity. On my first try, I thought I'd try formatting the first vector as an array but it was much larger than I would have liked and I didn't realize that \[ and \] essentially produced the same thing as $$ so I didn't get why it was centering the vector.

(yes, I know King Edward and Marine Drive are parallel. This is not the point!)

What I really wanted was to have them formatted like the position vectors in the notes my prof posted:

After some searching around and consulting bugging some people for help, I eventually figured out how to produce the results I wanted, and found out that I should have been using \( and \) or just $ instead. Oh, and I played around with titles for a bit, which was something I hadn't tried previously.

This is the result (or the first few questions anyhow):

And the corresponding LaTeX (there's more after but you're only really missing \end{document}):

Checklist for next time/whenever I finish this one:
-Apparently there's a way to get LaTeX to do the numbering for me so that I don't have to keep going \bm 1.2 \rm etc. Anyway, figure out how to do this.
-Figure out how to integrate graphs/convert graphs to .eps format, perhaps using Grapher (?). I used to graph with Winplot in a very stumble-around-in-the-darkness sort of way but I never tried doing anything with LaTeX at the time, plus since I now have a Mac I can't use it anyway. Well, something to look in to anyway.
-Stop being so sloppy with all the \\s. I know that I don't need them all but I'm just being lazy by not bothering to think about when I really need them.

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Vanessa said...

Leigh Anne, my darling!
i´m not going to comment on this blog post because it completely eludes me, as I am an artsy, and we both know this...but I want to say that I LOVE YOU!!!!!! And I miss you lots, especially your dance moves.